Mata & Associates is a meat science consulting group founded in 1994. Our mission is to assist the meat industry in new product development from concept generation to market introduction. Our areas of expertise cover the entire technical spectrum of meat products – from the farm to the table. Our team of “meat geeks” provide technical services to packers, processors, food service operators and exporters in the United States as well as Central and South America.

VSS_Snapshot_sm2Our Newest Product: The Vegas Strip Steak!

There’s nothing else quite like steak and it epitomizes the pleasure of eating beef. That’s what prompted Mata & Associates to team up with a great chef and a resourceful university to develop the newest steak, saving an undervalued muscle from the fate of the grinder and moving it to a far more valuable place – the center of the plate.

Learn more at the Vegas Strip Steak website.

Our Expertise

lightbulbWe offer in-depth knowledge and decades of experience, from the farm to the table. We take the word “geek” seriously and pride ourselves on being skilled nerds when it comes to post-mortem technologies. Fabrication of sub-primals and individual muscles is one of our specialties.

Lab & Pilot Plant Resources

clipboardWe have access to meat science laboratories and meat pilot plants at all major land grant universities. We network with other technical consultants and academia to bring the best resource and expertise into a given project.

International Consulting

worldA significant portion of our work is conducted in Central and South America. We have undertaken major projects with clients in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.